You Deserve This House - Season 1

You Deserve This House - Season 1

20 Episodes

Take one amazing individual or couple who has spent their lives, and their money, helping others. They could be foster parents who have transformed the lives of underprivileged children or a charity worker who spends all their time working for others without a thought for themselves. As a result, they have neglected their house – it's falling apart and hasn't seen a coat of paint or an update in years. Our unsuspecting heroes are surprised by our presenter who reveals they have won a weekend spa break after being nominated by a friend for all their good deeds. But that's only the beginning… While they are away being pampered our presenter brings in an army of volunteers to make over their home in just 36 hours. But this is no ordinary army – it's made up of all the people our homeowner has helped over the years. This is their chance to say a huge heartfelt 'thank you' and give something back to the person who has had such a positive impact on their lives. 'You Deserve This House' is the ultimate feel-good makeover show that promises spectacular transformations, inspirational stories and a tear-filled climax as our homeowner is overwhelmed by both the surprise reunion and the home renovation.

You Deserve This House - Season 1
  • Monty Kirby

    Episode 1

    With limited time and a kitchen calamity, will Amanda Lamb and a team of teenage community volunteers be able to secretly complete the home refurbishment of retired nurse Monty Kirby. If Monty's not running after schools clubs, cooking lunches for the elderly or fund-raising for charity, she's ou...

  • Ann Blight

    Episode 2

    With an enormous redecorating job to complete in limited time, Amanda Lamb joins forces with a grateful team to makeover the home of speech therapist Ann Blight. Ann set up her own charity to help people with stammers after being inspired to help by a school friend with a speech impediment and fo...

  • Marion Miller

    Episode 3

    Today the team tackle the most cluttered and ambitious makeover to date. Charity fund raiser Marion Miller spends all her time raising money for good causes. So now some of the people Marion's helped are giving up their time to make over her house as a thank you; with everything done in secret.

  • John Drudge

    Episode 4

    Today Amanda Lamb orders up an enormous crane, to hoist in a sparkling hot tub, as Red Cross volunteers are scrambled to secretly complete the home makeover of Ex-fire fighter, John Drudge. John is a volunteer, on 24 hour emergency call and offers practical and emotional support to victims after ...

  • Paul Freedman

    Episode 5

    Paul Freedman, at 86, is one of Britain's oldest marathon runner. Paul was 61 when he started running and pretty soon, his hobby became a means for doing good. Paul doesn't only raise money by running marathons; he also manages a group called 'The Entertainers' that regularly put on shows that ra...

  • Di Turner

    Episode 6

    With a massive carpentry calamity in the dining room and an amazing fireplace to up-cycle, will Amanda Lamb and her team complete the secret home makeover of hospice manager Di Turner in just 36 hours? Di has worked in hospices in for over 20 years, caring for chronically ill patients and their f...

  • Sue Eagle

    Episode 7

    With wardrobe worries and a fabulous fireplace to fit, Amanda Lamb and her team of Norwich volunteers race to secretly complete the home makeover of S.O.S. bus volunteer, Sue Eagle. For years, Sue has volunteered within the Norfolk community and worked on an S.O.S bus in Norwich that offers suppo...

  • Allen Parton

    Episode 8

    When Navy veteran Allen Parton, suffered a sever head injury in the Gulf War, he was given Endal an assistance Labrador. After 15 years together Endal passed away but Alan ensured his legacy lived on by setting up Hounds for Heroes to provide assistance dogs to other injured service men and women...

  • Christine Anderson

    Episode 9

    On today's episode, will Amanda Lamb and her team of volunteers from the disabled sports club be able to secretly complete the home redecoration of Christine Anderson in Thornton, Lancashire? Christine voluntarily runs the Cheetahs wheelchair sports club, where disabled and able bodied children c...

  • Michelle Willis

    Episode 10

    Today, Amanda lamb visits County Durham to surprise Michelle Willis who has been caring for seriously ill patients and their relatives in her local area for over 24 years. Now, people who she's helped are secretly coming together to makeover her house. This is their chance to say 'thank you' in t...

  • Lincoln Beckford

    Episode 11

    Community champion, Lincoln Beckford has kept troubled teens off the streets and got them into higher education. Now it's time for those he's helped to say 'thank you' with a secret home transformation. But with just 36 hours on the clock, will a dramatic and innovative money saving kitchen refit...

  • Jennifer Berbeck

    Episode 12

    With one of the most ambitious makeovers to date, will Amanda Lamb and volunteers be able to secretly transform the home of unsuspecting South London community officer, Jennifer Berbeck, before she returns from her surprise spa break? For over three decades Jenny's been campaigning to combat anti...

  • Elaine precious

    Episode 13

    Today Amanda Lamb attempts to transform a dated bathroom and a young boy's bedroom as Mencap volunteers are assembled to secretly complete the home makeover of charity volunteer, Elaine Precious. Elaine works with people with learning disabilities. Twenty years ago her son, Sam, was diagnosed wit...

  • Sharon Hinds

    Episode 14

    DIY carpentry and terrific tiling solutions are put into action when Amanda Lamb and a group of grateful locals attempt to secretly transform the home of community volunteer Sharon Hinds. Sharon has devoted her life to helping the homeless providing meals, offering support and giving dignity to t...

  • Jane Whetnall

    Episode 15

    With time tight and emotions running high as Amanda Lamb and her team of volunteers try to complete the secret home makeover of Special Olympics gymnastics coach Jane Whetnall, in record time. In today's episode Amanda whisks Jane away for a well-deserved surprise break. As a volunteer for the la...

  • Hector Pinkney

    Episode 16

    With time tight and daylight fading, will Amanda Lamb and her team of community volunteers be able to secretly complete the home makeover of Hector Pinkney MBE? Hector dedicates so much of himself to others, he has little time to spend on his own home, which is as full as his own life, so now whi...

  • Florence Duncan

    Episode 17

    For 12 years Florence Duncan has worked tirelessly as a volunteer with children in Middlesbrough who have extreme behavioural problems, but now her lacklustre living room and disorganised bedrooms are about to be rejuvenated as Amanda Lamb gathers together some of the people Florence has helped o...

  • Tina Wellman-Hawke

    Episode 18

    Today Amanda Lamb's in Southampton, injecting retro glamour to Tina Wellman-Hawke's drab kitchen and dated bathroom. Tina has raised over a 170 thousand pounds for numerous cancer charities in memory of her husband, but now some of the people who have been helped by Tina's charitable work want to...

  • Chris Burrows

    Episode 19

    Today, Amanda Lamb and a team of Shropshire volunteers attempt one of the most cluttered and ambitious makeovers to date, in under 36 hours, for mental health worker Chris Burrows. For the last 20 years, Chris has tirelessly run a drop-in centre for people with mental health issues. Now, to show ...

  • Neil Crouch

    Episode 20

    Since childhood, charity fundraiser Neil Crouch has required full time carers for his heart and kidney problems. Yet despite this, ten years ago he founded a community club for mentally and physically disabled people. Now, Amanda Lamb and some of the people whose lives Neil has transformed over t...