The Best of Growing a Greener World

  • A Year in the Life of the Garden Farm, Part I

    This season premiere episode documents the first of a two-part series covering an entire year in the working garden set for the television series. Host Joe Lamp'l and gardener-in-residence takes you behind the scenes for the reality of the spring and summer seasons like you've never seen before.

  • A Year in the Life of the Garden Farm, Part II

    Part II of this series picks up with the tomato season waning and a brand-new season of cool season edibles ready to plant.

  • A Year in the Life of a Beginning Beekeeper

    With the popularity of backyard beekeeping at an all-time high, what's really involved in keeping them at home? This episode takes you behind the scenes through the entire first year and of a newbie beekeeper (who happens to be host Joe Lamp'l).

  • Fan Favorite Episodes Spanning Five Years of Storytelling

    With over 100 episodes broadcast so far and countless emails and comments from our viewers about each one, eventually we get a sense of which ones have left the most lasting impression.

  • Garden Myths 2.0

    A look at more garden myths, and what to really do instead.

  • Bountiful Harvest

    From seed to pantry, we share not only how to get the best flavors from the garden, but how to capture that harvest in a jar for year round flavor.

  • Setting Up Your Garden

    Host Joe Lamp'l creates his own raised bed garden from scratch, and shows the tips along the way that anyone can do to create a productive garden.