The Autistic Gardener - Season 2

The Autistic Gardener - Season 2

4 Episodes

Alan Gardner returns. Alan is a top landscape designer, winning numerous awards at Chelsea, Hampton Court and Tatton Park. But he's no ordinary gardener (And yes, that really is his last name.). Alan credits his success to what he calls 'his gift' -- the fact that he has autism.

This season he heads to suburbia to apply his special gift to unruly and underutilized gardens.

The Autistic Gardener - Season 2
  • The Autistic Gardener Season 2 - Trailer

    Episode 1

    Alan Gardner returns in season 2 of The Autistic Gardener to apply his special gift to another round of overgrown and underdeveloped gardens.

  • The Autistic Gardener - Pinky & Joe, Lancashire

    Episode 2

    Pinky and Joe bought their home in the shadow of the most beautiful Lancashire hill country. But since moving in, they've tried their hardest to create the garden of their dreams from their oddly shaped, triangular plot – but quickly ran out of ideas.

  • The Autistic Gardener - Ig and Jo, Bristol

    Episode 3

    Autistic gardener Alan Gardner travels to Bristol, where Ig, Joe and their three kids need help with their 100 foot garden, that's currently overflowing with weeds and waste.

  • The Autistic Gardener - The Neighbours, South London

    Episode 4

    In this episode Alan is designing 2 gardens for neighbours Tim and Claire and Jess and Carl. They want gardens that connect so their children have access to both gardens. A jet engine is Alan inspiration this episode as well as visits to a Rick Sheen designed garden, the Serpentine and a naked la...