The Autistic Gardener - Season 1

The Autistic Gardener - Season 1

4 Episodes

Alan Gardener is an top landscape designer, winning numerous awards at Chelsea, Hampton Court and Tatton Park. But he's no ordinary gardener (And yes, that really is his last name.). Alan credits his success to what he calls 'his gift' -- the fact that he has autism.

He and his crew of autistic helpers join in him garden makeovers in this fun, funny, and heartwarming show.

The Autistic Gardener - Season 1
  • Ashbourne

    Episode 1

    With two young children, the couple are struggling to keep on top of it. What they really want is a family garden they can all enjoy that's low maintenance and fun. But with a budget of £3,000, will the autistic gardener and his crew have the ability to transform the garden and deliver on budget ...

  • Ealing Patio Garden

    Episode 2

    But their love affair has yet to reach their back garden.The neglected plot is only 8 metres by 4 metres and is on two levels with a 1 metre drop. How do you make a tiny garden look and feel bigger? And on a budget of just £1,200?

  • South London Sound Garden

    Episode 3

    But there is some good news on the horizon for the team – they've got £10,000 to spend on the transformation. What strikes Alan and gardeners most about the space are the many sounds from rustling leaves to passing trains, aircraft overhead to the crunchy gravel. Together, they decided they want ...

  • Radical Overhaul

    Episode 4

    But this garden's being done at the very end of the summer season…and in Britain, that can only mean one thing…rain. The team come up with some magical ideas from incorporating gabion stone walls to bringing a sense of the tropical to garden. But the big question is, will rain eventually stop pla...