Royal Upstairs Downstairs - Season 1

Royal Upstairs Downstairs - Season 1

9 Episodes

Royal Upstairs Downstairs features antique expert Tim Wonnacott and chef Rosemary Shrager. They follow Queen Victoria's travels, using her own diaries, contemporary accounts, household records from the stately homes, and contemporary illustrations -- taking us into the most beautiful home and estates imaginable.

Royal Upstairs Downstairs - Season 1
  • Royal Upstairs Downstairs - Chatsworth

    Episode 1

    Antiques expert Tim Wonnacott and chef Rosemary Shrager travel in the footsteps of Queen Victoria, our longest reigning monarch, visiting the houses, Castles and stately homes she visited throughout her life. Using her own diaries, and other first hand accounts of her visits, they discover the ex...

  • Royal Upstairs Downstairs - Shugborough

    Episode 2

    Today we discover what life was like for the 13 year Victoria when she visited the Earl of Lichfield with her domineering mother in 1832. Tim reveals how Victoria was kept under 24 hour surveillance by her mother the Duchess of Kent – such was her paranoia that something untoward would happen to ...

  • Royal Upstairs Downstairs - Harewood

    Episode 3

    Today's visit to Harewood House in Yorkshire was made in 1835, two years before she became Queen, having learnt she would inherit the thrown four years earlier. And it appears our teenage Victoria was becoming quite used to the royal highlife, and becoming pretty hard to please. She records in he...

  • Royal Upstairs Downstairs - Holkham

    Episode 4

    Tim & Rosemary visit Holkham Hall in North Norfolk, as they retrace the steps of 16 year old Victoria on a two day visit there, in 1835, two years before she became Queen. It was part of a PR drive by Her mother, the Duchess of Kent, who was keen to show Victoria off to her future subjects. And i...

  • Royal Upstairs Downstairs - Brighton

    Episode 5

    Chef Rosemary Shrager and Antiques expert Tim Wonnacott visit The Royal Pavilion Brighton to reveal the story behind 19 year old Queen Victoria's visit during the Christmas Holidays in 1838 – the year she became queen. Tim shows us the extraordinary Chinese style interior and reveals just how it ...

  • Royal Upstairs Downstairs - Scone

    Episode 6

    At the time of this visit Victoria had been married to Albert for 2 years and had given birth to her first two children Princess Victoria and Prince Albert Edward. Amazingly their host, the Earl of Mansfield, had been planning the trip for two years, had problems with cowboy builders along the wa...

  • Royal Upstairs Downstairs - Walmer

    Episode 7

    Tim Wonnacott and Rosemary Shrager are at Walmer Castle in Kent in the footsteps of Queen Victoria who was 23 years old and had been queen for 5 years when she visited in November of 1842 with Albert and their two children, Edward and Victoria, both under two. It got off to a bad start when the r...

  • Royal Upstairs Downstairs - Wimpole

    Episode 8

    Victoria visited Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire with Prince Albert in 1843. She was just 24 years old but had already been Queen for 6 years. Albert had just received an honorary degree from Trinity College Cambrdige which greatly pleased Victoria as a sign that he was starting to be accepted by ...

  • Royal Upstairs Downstairs - Blair

    Episode 9

    At the time of this visit Victoria had been on the throne 7 years. She was only 25yrs old but had already churned out four children in four years. Prince Albert thought it would be the ideal place for the queen to recover from the arrival of Alfred, their fourth child, born just a few weeks earli...