Monty Don's French Gardens - Season 1

Monty Don's French Gardens - Season 1

3 Episodes

In this series Monty Don travels through France taking the viewer on a journey which mixes some of the most famous gardens in the world with new and unknown ones. This is a highly personal journey, we'll learn what it is about French gardens that fascinates Monty: they are a window onto the nature of the country as a whole… In British eyes, the French are thought of as passionate, volatile, more given to extravagant gestures than us, but also more fastidious and formal. This contradiction is born out in their gardens – often lavish, but almost regimented in their lines and colours, often over-the-top, but without a flower out of place. The formal garden is as definitively French as the landscape garden is English, but the story of French gardens goes along way beyond this cliché… Monty explores these contradictions not only in the gardens themselves but in three parts of French culture and character with which gardens are uniquely intertwined – food, art and landscape.

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Monty Don's French Gardens - Season 1
  • Monty Don's French Gardens - Gardens of Power and Passion

    Episode 1

    In this first programme Monty Don tells the stories behind important historic gardens. These include elaborate walled gardens designed to please the mistress and then the wife of a King, magnificent displays of flowers and fountains that involved thousands of soldiers moving tracts of land and in...

  • Monty Don's French Gardens - The Gourmet Garden

    Episode 2

    In this the second programme , he turns to the French love of food and finds out how this has influenced their gardens. Monty travels to some of the most famous 'potager' or kitchen gardens, where vegetables and flowers are planted together in elaborate and beautiful displays .He talks to gardene...

  • Monty Don's French Gardens - The Artistic Garden

    Episode 3

    . In this the last programme in the series Monty turns to France's famous artistic tradition to see what influence it has had on the country's gardens. Monty travels to some of the most celebrated artists' gardens including the one created by the Impressionist, Claude Monet, who planted and paint...