Love Your Garden - Season 4

Love Your Garden - Season 4

8 Episodes

Host and gardener Alan Titchmarsh returns in this uplifting series alongside co-presenters David Domoney, Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill. The crew finds deserving families and transforms their dreary gardens into beautiful outdoor spaces.

Love Your Garden - Season 4
  • Love Your Garden | The Seasonal Garden

    Episode 1

    Darren and Lesley Chan have four daughters but their youngest, 9 year old Amelie, was born with CHARGE syndrome a debilitating genetic condition that has left her deaf, partially sighted and needing constant care. Darren has given up work to look after her and Lesley has retrained as a midwife to...

  • Love Your Garden | The L Shaped Garden

    Episode 2

    5 years ago Claire and Ian Estick were a happy family with two young boys. But tragedy struck when their youngest son, 23 month old Daniel, died in hospital from septicaemia. Devastated by their loss, the family returned home with only their memories of Daniel and prints of his hands and feet. De...

  • Love Your Garden | The Exotic Garden

    Episode 3

    Pete Mcginn had a been a front line police officer for 10 years before a routine patrol last June would change his life forever. Whilst trying to arrest a suspected burglar he was dragged along the road and slammed into a lamppost. He suffered serious injuries to his legs and pelvis and at one po...

  • Love Your Garden | The Multifunctional Garden

    Episode 4

    The Waller's house is on a relatively new build estate and, as is often the case, the size of the house hasn't been matched by the size of the garden. So Alan is determined that, with space at an absolute premium, everything in the garden must be both beautiful and multifunctional. David Domoney ...

  • Love Your Garden | The Coastal Haven

    Episode 5

    As a result looking after their garden has become a low priority but for a family who love the great outdoors it could be so much more. Alan takes his inspiration for its design from Alex's passion for surfing, and its proximity to the sea, so sets the team the challenge of turning this overgrown...

  • Love Your Garden | The Soothing Oasis

    Episode 6

    This week Alan and the team tackle a long, thin garden in the heart of London. They've been asked to transform the rundown outside space of Joan Myers OBE, a senior nurse who has worked tirelessly to help improve the way children are cared for within the NHS. As she devotes so much of her time to...

  • Love Your Garden | The Unfussy Garden

    Episode 7

    This week on Love Your Garden, Alan accepts the challenge of creating a garden for a family with twin girls who have a serious, life limiting condition. Three year old Darcie and Evie Chapman have both been diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a very rare form of epilepsy affecting just 1 in 40,000 pe...

  • Love Your Garden | The Cottage Garden

    Episode 8

    This week Alan comes to the aid of wounded war hero Luke Simpson who lost his leg to an IED on his last tour of duty in Afghanistan. Luke was in the Royal Engineers when he was injured in an explosion three years ago and has had to rebuild his life and health with the support of his wife Jackie. ...