Love Your Garden - Season 2

Love Your Garden - Season 2

4 Episodes

The hit series starring Alan Titchmarsh takes on an uplifting twist this season. He and his crew help deserving families in need of a garden makeover, and the results for both the outdoor space and the families is miraculous.

Love Your Garden - Season 2
  • Love Your Garden | The Japanese Garden

    Episode 1

    In this episode he comes to the rescue of a lady in Hampshire suffering from a life threatening illness who despite her illness has devoted her time to fund raising. As a result her garden has suffered and is far from the sanctuary she craves. Alan turns up to surprise her then sends her away for...

  • Love Your Garden | The Imaginative Garden

    Episode 2

    Alan Titchmarsh transforms the garden of a family of 7 in the Brecon Beacons whose garden has suffered as they struggle to cope with the challenges of family life. With two teenage children, two young boys, one of whom has autism and a youngest daughter, Poppy, with cerebral palsy, Rob and Rachel...

  • Love Your Garden | The Dream Garden

    Episode 3

    Ninety year old Iris Insole from Barking wants to sit back and smell the roses but since her husband died, she's found it hard to manage her garden. Alan comes to the rescue, giving her the garden of her dreams. David Domeney goes in search of the perfect path, Katie Rushworth looks for wildlife ...

  • Love Your Garden | The Entertainers Garden

    Episode 4

    Alan Titchmarsh transforms the neglected garden of a couple who have suffered the most terrible personal tragedy. Wendy & Graham Pott and their family had their lives shattered in December 2009 when one of their four sons, Matt, was killed in a hit and run accident. The family, who had always bee...