How-To Videos

How-To Videos

Whether working on the inside or outside of a home, sometimes we just need a little bit of help to get the job done. So, with that in mind, we've gone through a few of our most popular shows to pull out the quick tips and tricks these seasoned pros use to get the job done right. We also link to the full episode so you can learn more.

Be inspired with this curated selection!

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How-To Videos
  • How to Make Industrial Clips Match Your Decor

    Industrial plastic clips that you nail into a wall are great for keeping cords tidy, but the white plastic usually clashes with every room. Here's a quick trick from The Great Interior Design Challenge that will help you disguise or accentuate them. (Remember, a different color may the the accent...

  • How to Lure Beneficial Insects Into Your Garden

    Insects are NOT the enemy! They can keep predators away, and help your plants grow strong and bountiful. Here are some great tips from Get Growing host Lynda Hallinan.

    You can watch the FULL EPISODE here:

  • Ideas for Creating a Woodland Garden

    Creating your own Woodland Garden isn't as hard as you think if you use a bit of whimsy in your design. Here are some clever ideas from Greatest Gardens.

    Watch the FULL EPISODE here:

  • How to Paint with Fabric Stamps

    Here's a simple trick to decorating fabric with an original design, that works much better than stenciling. Check out this art project from Great Interior Design Challenge - Season 4, Episode 3.

    Watch the FULL EPISODE here:

  • How to Grow Peas from Seeds

    Here's a fun way to plant with your kids (or a kid at heart) and grow yourself peas that you can eat later. In this episode of The Garden Pantry (Season 1, Episode 3), you see how to grow this great vegetable from a seed.

    Watch the FULL EPISODE here:

  • How to Grow Euphorbia

    There are many different species of Euphorbia, and in this episode of Gardeners' World, host Monty Don shows you how to plant the Euphorbia Martinii -- known as the "Tiny Tim" variety. He also tosses in some helpful lessons that can be applied to planting any of these beautiful plants.

    Watch t...

  • How to Plant in Rocky Terrain

    Trying to grow plants on a rocky hillside -- a.k.a a "rockery"? Beloved host Monty Don has the tips and plant suggestions you need for success.

    This scene from Big Dreams, Small Spaces | Season 1, Episode 3.

  • How to Use Plants to Create Privacy

    In many urban settings, privacy in your outdoor space is a major issue. In this episode of Love Your Garden, see how one home owner took care of the challenge, and get great tips on how you can do it.

    Watch the FULL EPISODE here:

  • How to Make a Dry Stone Wall

    Dry stone walls, which are held together by layering different size stones in place with small stone slivers and scraps, is a painstaking process. But the results? Aboslutely brilliant! Here's a clip from Garden Rescue -- Season 2, Episode 1 -- where chief landscaper Andy shows us how it's done.

  • How to Use a Greenhouse

    A greenhouse is NOT a hot house. Expert gardener, Monty Don, offers some first timers a few greenhouse tips that many people make when building or using a greenhouse.

    Watch more from this episode in Big Dreams, Small Spaces - Season 1, Episode 1.

  • How to Create an Extra Bedroom

    Living in a small space but in desperate need for an extra bedroom? Whether it's for people living in the space or guests coming to visit, here's a clever way to maximize your space. It comes from House Swap - Season 1, Episode 2, and you can watch the full episode on Inside Outside.

  • How Are Glass Cylindars Made?

    Watching craftsman blow glass into beautiful shapes is a great treat. In this segment from Secret History of the British Garden, host Monty Don shows how a new technique was invented that changed design forever.

    You can watch the full episode from Season 1, Episode 3.

  • How to Refurbish Old Furniture

  • How to Grow Moss

    Fine moss growing on your pots and walls can create a dreamy landscape, and it's incredibly easy to do. Monty Don, shows one would-be gardener the simple trick to making it happen in Big Dreams, Small Spaces - Season 1, Episode 4.

  • How to Make a DIY Trompe l'oeil

    Imagery can create an optical illusion that helps beautify your home with this simple DIY trick.

    Watch this creative designer from Great Interior Design Challenge - Season 1, Episode 1 use this art technique to create a beautiful headboard.

  • Tips for Buying a Flat or Property

    Buying a new flat is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. However, a big part of landing the ideal place is making sure you do your homework. Check out these tips from Homes Under the Hammer - Season 5, Episode 4.

  • How to Prune Shrub Roses

    Is there a need to severly prune your shrub roses in order to nurture healthy and strong plants? Monty Don gives a quick tips to properly prune and lessen the strain on the root in this scene from Big Dreams, Small Spaces - Season 1, Episode 3.

  • How to Create a Bedroom Mood Board

    Are you looking to get some inspiration to completely redesign your space?

    Here are a few tips and tricks on how to mix colors and textures to create a bedroom environment you’ll want to wake up to every single day from Great Interior Design Challenge - Season 2, Episode 5 .

  • How to Grow Perfect Roses

    Growing beautiful roses is possible if you know exactly how to give them the environment they need to thrive.

    Prevent your roses from getting mildew and black spots with these easy to follow tips and tricks from Alan Titchmarsh on Love Your Garden -- Season 1, Episode 10.

  • DIY The Perfect Summer Garden

    Looking for inspiration on how to create the perfect summer garden?

    Get some fresh ideas on how to make your garden look stunning from Alan Titchmarsh in Love Your Garden - Season 1, Episode 6.

  • How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

    Do you need some ideas on how to make your small garden space appear larger?

    Learn some tips and tricks from the experts on Garden Rescue. They'll teach you how to use specific visual techniques that will make your patio area look a lot bigger.

    Want even more secrets revealed? Watch Garden...

  • How to Protect Silver Tree Ferns in the Winter

    Silver Tree Ferns are spectacular, but how can you make sure they survive through a harsh winter?

    HINT: Make sure you protect the crown of the fern to ensure its safety.

    Watch how it's done in Get Growing - Season 1, Episode 2.

  • How to Prune Roses

    Pruning shrub roses the right way (especially the Rosa Complicata) will nurture the healthy growth and blossom of your roses.

    HINT: Cut the stem as low as possible to encourage regrowth.

    Watch Monty Don's tips on Get Growing - Season 1, Episode 1 to learn even more tips and tricks on how ...

  • How to Create a Rooftop Garden

    Nothing looks quiet as unique and full of character (and helps cool your home) as a garden planted on a roof.

    Listen to the experts from Garden Rescue as they guide you through how to create a gorgeous green roof using hydroleakears.

    Want to learn even more secrets? Watch Garden Rescue - ...