Homes for the Holidays

Homes for the Holidays

Lovingly curated home design and renovations designed to warm the heart this winter

Homes for the Holidays
  • The Great Interior Design Challenge | Regency, Cheltenham

    In the first round of the first heat, the group of amateurs taking on the design challenge are hairdresser Oliver, dog walker Katie and photographer Daniela. They must each transform a bedroom in Regency properties in the grand Pittville estate of Cheltenham. Katie who has a love of all things vi...

  • Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home Series 1 - Episode 2 - The Basics

    Kevin needs a solid, durable floor, a window to let in natural light, and most important of all, the heart of the home, a fire for heat. As Kevin wants to reuse, repurpose and recycle as much of his building as possible, he decides to turn a 1930s heavy steel safe into a wood burning stove.

  • Beat My Build - Biggest Profit Wins

    It's a hard fought contest as two experienced developers go head to head renovating properties in the North West to try and make the biggest profit and win a £5000 prize.

  • The Manor Reborn - Episode 1

    A team of historians, experts and volunteers reinterpreting 500-year-old Avebury Manor in Wiltshire, putting the country house in to a national and historic perspective.

  • Hoarders Get Your House in Order | Sylvia

    59-year-old widow Sylvia Stewart is struggling under the remnants of decades of out-of-control shopping. A self-confessed bargain hunter, Sylvia can easily spend up to £1000 per week, often buying multiples of the same items if it's at a good price. She estimates that she has spent around £100,00...

  • Ann Blight

    With an enormous redecorating job to complete in limited time, Amanda Lamb joins forces with a grateful team to makeover the home of speech therapist Ann Blight. Ann set up her own charity to help people with stammers after being inspired to help by a school friend with a speech impediment and fo...