Growing a Greener World - Season 6

Growing a Greener World - Season 6

13 Episodes

GROWING A GREENER WORLD blends the latest trends in eco-friendly living with traditional gardening know-how. The series highlights the diverse people, organizations and events that seek to raise environmental awareness and encourage better stewardship of the planet. Host Joe Lamp'l learns from some of the most inspiring projects happening in communities of all sizes. Lamp'l, the former host of Fresh from the Garden on the DIY Network and PBS's GardenSMART, has gardened personally and professionally for more than 30 years and is the author of two best-selling books (Over the Fence and The Green Gardener's Guide). Each episode of GROWING A GREENER WORLD contains one compelling feature story, a how-to segment for growing your own food, and a segment with chef Nathan Lyon, who uses fresh-from-the-garden fruit, vegetables or herbs to create simple and delicious dishes.

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Growing a Greener World - Season 6
  • A Year in the Life of the Garden Farm, Part I

    Episode 1

    This season premiere episode documents the first of a two-part series covering an entire year in the working garden set for the television series. Host Joe Lamp'l and gardener-in-residence takes you behind the scenes for the reality of the spring and summer seasons like you've never seen before.

  • Epic Tomatoes

    Episode 2

    This episode shadows expert tomato grower, Craig LeHoullier from planting to harvest to get practical tips from one of the most respected experts while learning unique and innovative growing methods for dealing with a variety of challenging conditions.

  • Gardening for Butterflies & Other Beneficial Insects

    Episode 3

    In this episode, national experts show ways we can all attract and help restore populations of butterflies while increasing the beauty of our landscapes.

  • Redeeming Your Ground

    Episode 4

    See how the Scott family's efforts to redeem their own ground in their suburban backyard opened a whole new world of life in the great outdoors, and how many of the simple changes they made will inspire you in your own backyard.

  • Gardening in the Desert Southwest

    Episode 5

    To garden successfully in the desert southwest, it just takes a little local knowledge to master the nuances of growing a productive garden there.

  • A Year in the Life of the Garden Farm, Part II

    Episode 6

    Part II of this series picks up with the tomato season waning and a brand-new season of cool season edibles ready to plant.

  • In Susan's Garden: A Backyard Habitat in Harmony with Nature

    Episode 7

    In this episode, we follow Master Gardener Susan Mulvihill, an avid gardener, birder, and nature lover who has created a bountiful and beautiful habitat for all creatures.

  • Hope for Heroes: The Farmer Veteran Coalition

    Episode 8

    In this episode, we see the Farmer Veteran Coalition's mission in action with moving stories of farmers whose lives have been changed thanks to the coalition connection.

  • The Private Garden of a Public Gardener

    Episode 9

    Professional horticulturalists Dan Benarcik and Peggy Anne Montgomery never mind bringing their work home. While always experimenting with varied and native plants to provide wildlife habitats, now Dan and Peggy share their wisdom and beautiful personal garden with us.

  • The Green Bronx Machine: The Power of a Classroom Farm

    Episode 10

    Volunteer teacher, Stephen Ritz has committed his life's work to teaching kids to grow real food to build healthy minds and bodies in a one-of-a-kind learning environment he created in a Bronx, NY public school.

  • The Compost Pedallers

    Episode 11

    Using the clean energy of pedal power, this small, eco-minded company, The Compost Pedallers, will bike to your door, pick up your weekly collection of compost ingredients, and haul it off to a nearby farm to do the dirty work for you.

  • New Ways of Growing America's Favorite Vegetable

    Episode 12

    Expert grower, Brie Arthur turns conventional tomato-growing wisdom upside down. In this episode, Brie charts new ground to find the latest methods and new opportunities to grow tomatoes in the most unconventional ways.

  • Urban Farm, Country Town - The Spark in Sparta

    Episode 13

    The Currey's are changing many lives in Sparta, GA. Early success with a backyard vegetable garden took off. With every new season, they continue to expand their farm to create new opportunities for the town.