Growing a Greener World - Season 5

Growing a Greener World - Season 5

4 Episodes

GROWING A GREENER WORLD blends the latest trends in eco-friendly living with traditional gardening know-how. The series highlights the diverse people, organizations and events that seek to raise environmental awareness and encourage better stewardship of the planet.

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Growing a Greener World - Season 5
  • A Year in the Life of a Beginning Beekeeper

    Episode 1

    With the popularity of backyard beekeeping at an all-time high, what's really involved in keeping them at home? This episode takes you behind the scenes through the entire first year and of a newbie beekeeper (who happens to be host Joe Lamp'l).

  • Bring Bees Back: How American's are Working to Save the Honeybees

    Episode 2

    While the plight of the honeybee is still a struggle, more people than ever are stepping up to do their part. See what some are doing to create safer habitats and environments and learn how we can make a difference at home, with or without our own hive.

  • Fan Favorite Episodes Spanning Five Years of Storytelling

    Episode 3

    With over 100 episodes broadcast so far and countless emails and comments from our viewers about each one, eventually we get a sense of which ones have left the most lasting impression.

  • Designing the Landscape

    Episode 4

    For anyone who's wanted to learn the tricks of the trade for how great designers do what they do to crate beautiful landscapes, this is the show for you.