Growing a Greener World - Season 4

Growing a Greener World - Season 4

13 Episodes

GROWING A GREENER WORLD blends the latest trends in eco-friendly living with traditional gardening know-how. The series highlights the diverse people, organizations and events that seek to raise environmental awareness and encourage better stewardship of the planet.

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Growing a Greener World - Season 4
  • Aquaponics

    Episode 1

    From tabletop gardens to full commercial operations, we explore the world of aquaponics — growing food with only water and live fish.

  • The Greenhouse School

    Episode 2

    We visit a public school in the heart of NYC that uses a rooftop greenhouse to teach lesson in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

  • Setting Up Your Garden

    Episode 3

    Host Joe Lamp'l creates his own raised bed garden from scratch, and shows the tips along the way that anyone can do to create a productive garden.

  • Weedless Gardening

    Episode 4

    We visit a sustainable garden expert and author who nurtures the soil while reducing the labor in growing your own food in a weedless garden.

  • Independent Garden Centers

    Episode 5

    Local, independently owned nurseries are a vastly under-utilized resource and we feature some of the unique reasons we should support them.

  • Margaret Roach

    Episode 6

    Former senior executive for Martha Stewart shares how her garden saved her and how it is possible to grow more sustainably both in the garden and in life.

  • Sustainable Home

    Episode 7

    Growing a greener world includes creating a more sustainable environment inside your home as well as outside. Host Joe Lamp'l brings you along as he makes some significant changes to create a greener world inside his home too.

  • Bountiful Harvest

    Episode 8

    From seed to pantry, we share not only how to get the best flavors from the garden, but how to capture that harvest in a jar for year round flavor.

  • Garden Myths 2.0

    Episode 9

    A look at more garden myths, and what to really do instead.

  • Victory Garden Movement

    Episode 10

    As victory gardens are springing up across the country, we visit one historical Chicago victory garden where growing food is also growing communities.

  • Mobile Truck Farms

    Episode 11

    In some areas, the farm comes to the people by way of mobile farmers markets. We see how these traveling farms are filling an important urban need.

  • Putting the Garden to Bed

    Episode 12

    The start of the next gardening season begins with making good decisions much earlier. Joe Lamp'l brings in the cameras as he puts his garden to bed and shows you what you need to know too.

  • Common Ground Fair

    Episode 13

    We visit a long-running New England fair that celebrates organic farming and rural living to see what information can be utilized by the home gardener.