Gardeners' World - Season 4

Gardeners' World - Season 4

29 Episodes

The most recognisable gardening brand in the world; for over 40 years this BBC series has nurtured gardens and gardeners, revelling in the very best gardens around, offering hands-on tips, seasonal flowering guides and being the reference for plants from all climates and all corners of the globe. In glorious HD, hidden gems and green spaces, as well as beautiful public spaces and national garden treasures are revealed by guest experts and regular hosts, led by Monty Don at his garden in Longmeadow.

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Gardeners' World - Season 4
  • Spring Garden

    Episode 1

    Through the coming spring, summer and autumn, Monty will be in his garden, Longmeadow, with a host of timely tips, ideas and inspiration that we can apply to our own gardens. As usual, Monty is joined by Carol Klein, Rachel De Thame and Joe Swift. In this episode, Carol is looking at one of the g...

  • Box Blight

    Episode 2

    Today Monty tackles the problem of box blight in his garden at Longmeadow. It means taking drastic action - but in the long term will hopefully be for the best. He digs up box hedge infected with box blight. He sows sweet peas and broad beans. Carol looks at the spring delight that is the cyclame...

  • Pond
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Gardeners' World continues with more timely tasks to keep our gardens looking their best. Monty Don gives his pond a spring clean and adds some much needed colour to his Jewel Garden pots. He also fleeces his tender plants. Carol Klein meets a young couple, Dan and Dom in Gloucestershire who are ...

  • Favourite Plants

    Episode 4

    Carol Klein continues to take a closer look at the nation's favourite plants and meets the people who dedicate their lives to them. This time she's admiring the daffodil. Plus a visit to dahlia enthusiast Darren Everest on his allotment in Kent. He knows a thing or two about dahlias - he's been g...

  • Ornamental Grasses

    Episode 5

    Monty Don gives his ornamental grasses an overhaul. He has got tips on how to lift and divide ones that have grown too large, plus advice on which ones should be cut back now for the best display in the autumn. He also wants to bulk up his grass borders and gets the ball rolling by sowing some se...

  • Dry Garden

    Episode 6

    At Longmeadow, Monty Don finishes rejuvenating his dry garden, a sun-baked corner of the garden that had become overrun by thuggish plants. He has advice on how to make the most of a dry border where the soil is poor, with suggestions of plants that will thrive in these conditions. Carol Klein is...

  • Iron Butterfly

    Episode 7

    The long Easter weekend offers lots of opportunities to really get cracking in the garden. Monty Don has a solution for brightening up a shady wall and gets on with planting up his vegetable garden. Carol Klein returns to help first-time gardeners Dan and Dominique, and guides them in what to loo...

  • Alpines

    Episode 8

    In this episode of Gardeners' World Carol Klein is with eminent plantsman Keith Wiley, at his garden in Devon, celebrating the exquisite dog's tooth violet. Keith is passionate about these unsung woodland plants. Rachel de Thame visits the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh to take a look behind t...

  • Sweet Peas and Sweetcorn

    Episode 9

    Monty takes leaf cuttings from streptocarpus. He lifts and divides primroses. He explains the importance of hardening off plus he plants out sweet peas. He also sows sweetcorn plus answers a viewer's question on greenhouse equipment. Carol Klein returns to Gloucestershire to help first-time garde...

  • Tulips
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    Monty Don offers some advice on what to do with your spent tulips and shares some tips on how to make the perfect herb garden. He plants out French tarragon and lemon verbena. He also removes spent tulips from pots and replaces them with dahlias. We meet Carrie Thomas in Swansea, who holds the Na...

  • Yellow Chard

    Episode 11

    Monty Don and the team celebrate the start of summer as they indulge in the stunning array of colour and scent beginning to take over our gardens. Carol Klein continues her celebration of great plants and the people who champion them. In this episode she's at Glendoick near Perth enjoying their w...

  • Summer Bedding

    Episode 12

    Carol Klein and Joe Swift are at Gardeners' World Live in Birmingham. Joe will be casting an expert eye over the spectacular show gardens, while Carol be focusing on the delights of the floral marquee. Meanwhile, Monty Don will be catching up with various tasks at Longmeadow to ensure that his ga...

  • Wimbledon

    Episode 13

    With the Wimbledon tennis championships just around the corner, Joe Swift meets the gardening team responsible for the spectacular floral displays at this world-renowned event. Carol Klein is in Cornwall meeting a couple that grow a huge range of gloriously scented honeysuckles from all over the ...

  • Sparkle

    Episode 14

    With the garden growing before his eyes, Monty Don has plenty to be getting on with at Longmeadow. In preparation for beautiful late summer grass borders, he fills the gaps that the diseased box hedges have left with grasses he has raised from seed. Joe Swift casts his designer's eye over a city ...

  • Charlotte Potatoes

    Episode 15

    Monty Don welcomes us to his garden at Longmeadow and offers some timely tips on keeping gardens at their best right through to the end of the season. Carol Klein meets wildlife enthusiast Steve Head to discover more about the wildlife that depend on the habitat our garden ponds provide. And Joe ...

  • Pots!
    Episode 16


    Episode 16

    This week Gardeners' World is all about pots! Monty Don takes a look at the use of pots and containers and revels in their versatility, practicality and potential and shows us how best to use them in our own gardens. He shares his tips on watering and feeding using comfrey and nettle feeds. Carol...

  • Elephant Garlic

    Episode 17

    Longmeadow is now under full sail but needs a gentle steer to keep it looking beautiful all summer long. This week, Monty Don will be cutting back his delphiniums and adding a touch of the exotic to his Jewel Garden – He plants a banana plant. He also lifts and dries shallots, plus shows us his e...

  • Plants People

    Episode 18

    Carol Klein continues her journey around the country meeting plants people and the plants that are their passion. This week she is in Hampshire with the great horticulturist, Roy Lancaster, appreciating the virtues of the often overlooked St John's wort. Joe Swift is out and about too and visits ...

  • Hedge Cut

    Episode 19

    Monty Don's garden at Longmeadow is thriving in the summer sunshine and is looking more beautiful by the day. But the warm, wet weather has meant the hedges are growing like crazy and are in need of a good haircut. Monty has tips on how to best tackle this annual task. Carol Klein returns to firs...

  • RHS Hyde Hall

    Episode 20

    It is summer and it is the perfect time to get out and about visiting gardens. With that in mind, Monty Don leaves Longmeadow to explore the beautiful gardens at RHS Hyde Hall in Essex. He seeks inspiration from their amazing dry garden and discovers how they manage to keep their lawns looking pr...

  • Cheshire

    Episode 21

    As August draws to a close, Monty Don turns his attention to his ornamental grass borders. They are just coming into their prime but are in need of some late summer colour. Carol Klein travels to Cheshire to meet a man who is on a mission to find the best-performing heleniums for British gardens....

  • Shaftesbury

    Episode 22

    For many gardeners, the beginning of September is the start of a new season. Monty Don embraces this shift as he harvests an abundance of delicious produce at the same time as looking ahead to the spring. Carol Klein continues to explore the wonders of the fauna visiting our gardens and travels t...

  • Foxtail Lilies

    Episode 23

    As the last days of summer start to fade and autumn takes hold, it is time to start planning ahead for next year. At Longmeadow, Monty Don adds some foxtail lilies to his dry garden for a touch of drama in May and June. Carol Klein is in Kent visiting salvia expert William Dyson to find out where...

  • Wildflower Meadow

    Episode 24

    As autumn gathers momentum, there's still plenty to do in the garden. Monty Don cuts back his wildflower meadow and, with an eye on some early season colour next year, makes a start on planting up his spring containers. Joe Swift learns the importance of allotment bee keeping when he visits an aw...