Gardeners' World - Season 3

Gardeners' World - Season 3

31 Episodes

The most recognizable gardening brand in the world; for more than 40 years this BBC series has nurtured gardens and gardeners, revelling in the very best gardens around, offering hands-on tips, seasonal flowering guides and being the reference for plants from all climates and all corners of the globe.

The third season of Gardeners' World finds beloved gardener Monty Don back in his home garden in Longmeadow. Joined once more by experts Carol Klein, Joe Swift, Rachel De Thame and a host of others, Monty and crew visit gardens around Britain, and provide tips, tricks and advice for gardening throughout the year and in various environments.

Gardeners' World - Season 3
  • Gardeners' World - Apples

    Episode 1

    Monty is in his orchard harvesting his apples in readiness to store them. Monty treats the apple harvest as a process. This is due to the apples ripening over a period of about a month. The ones that get the most sun come first and then the last ones will follow four or five weeks later, so he te...

  • Gardeners' World - Lime Walk

    Episode 2

    Monty is in the Lime Walk which is the main link from the house to the garden. It changes across the seasons and over the twenty years since its creation, the roots have grown and it's not only got darker because everything's got bigger, but also it's got much much drier, so the planting has chan...

  • Gardeners' World - Cyclamen

    Episode 3

    Monty is in the Lime Walk. Last week, as part of the revamp and simplification of the planting in the Lime Walk, he moved the white cyclamen from there to the White Garden and left the pink cyclamen, to which he added more. His plan is to plant a simple strip of plants along the narrow path that ...

  • Gardeners' World - Giant Pumpkin

    Episode 4

    Monty clears space in the border to make space for the wallflowers which he needs to plant now in order for them to flower next Spring. He clears out sunflowers and cosmos but leaves the salvia and phlox. Carol Klein visited the Picton family - Paul and wife Meriel and daughter Helen, in Malvern,...

  • Gardeners' World - Silver and Black

    Episode 5

    With gardens now going into hibernation, Monty Don is busy lifting and storing tender plants to keep over winter. This time of year is also about planning ahead for winter displays and spring colour and Monty has ideas and tips for planting up garden pots to provide a focal point through the cold...

  • Gardeners' World - The Pilgrim Rose

    Episode 6

    There's plenty to do to prepare for the season to come. Monty Don is clearing out spent crops and mulching his asparagus. Joe Swift's been to visit keen gardeners, Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, to see how they combine sustainability with their designer-style. Carol Klein's exploring the history ...

  • Gardeners' World - Weeping Pear

    Episode 7

    Monty Don starts to prepare the flowering borders in the Jewel Garden for winter and makes a big garden bonfire. Carol Klein celebrates berry-laden hedgerows and shows how to grow them into new trees. Rachel de Thame brings memories of Noel Coward and of the summer just passed when she visits Jul...