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Watch this video and more on Inside Outside House & Garden

Watch this video and more on Inside Outside House & Garden

Gardeners' World - Cuttings


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  • Gardeners' World - Writing Garden

    Monty is in the White Garden, also known as the Writing Garden where he wants to plant autumn bulbs. He has a bag of corms of colchicums which flower September time. Monty advises to wash your hands after handling colchicums. Colchicums require a lot of sun so it is important where they are plant...

  • Gardeners' World - Juice

    Monty is in his orchard picking up apples that have fallen on to the ground and consequently are bruised, therefore impossible to store. Apples don't ripen all at once on a tree, but when ripe fruit starts to fall it's a sure sign that the process has begun. Monty advises to check regularly and t...

  • Gardeners' World - Plugs

    The meadow that Monty sowed on the mound has had a mass of growth. Included in what he sowed are quite a few weeds that have been promoted into growth by the groundwork, and an awful lot of annual flowers which are nurse plants. They're actually providing a cover while the perennials which are mu...