Gardeners' World - Season 2

Gardeners' World - Season 2

28 Episodes

The most recognizable gardening brand in the world; for more than 40 years this BBC series has nurtured gardens and gardeners, revelling in the very best gardens around, offering hands-on tips, seasonal flowering guides and being the reference for plants from all climates and all corners of the globe.

This second season was shot in glorious HD, where hidden gems and green spaces, as well as beautiful public spaces and national garden treasures, are revealed. Beloved gardener Monty Don hosts from his garden in Longmeadow, and is joined once more by experts Carol Klein, Joe Swift, and Rachel De Thame.

Gardeners' World - Season 2
  • Gardeners' World | West Dean

    Episode 1

    Monty is in the writing garden, which will become the white garden. So far it's mostly been grass but now he wants to plant it up. He loves that in May there is apple blossom and cow parsley, and that it has a lightness and a frothiness and it's just a magical week or so. But he's wanted more ...

  • Gardeners' World | Notting Hill

    Episode 2

    Monty tells us it's an ideal time to plant bi-annuals for next year and, from his nursery beds, digs up Erysimum cheiri 'Blood Red', Wallflower plants which he's grown from seed. Monty replants the wallflowers in beds in the box garden.

  • Gardeners' World | East Bergholt Place

    Episode 3

    Monty is in his pumpkin patch and is harvesting them. They store really well, they taste good and they're fantastic winter food, so he wants to make the most of what he's got. He recommends that when you're harvesting them it is important to cut them, not yank them, and also to keep a good piece...

  • Gardeners' World | North Walney

    Episode 4

    Monty opens the programme with the menu sequence and, now that we're truly in the throes of autumn, Monty turns his attention to collecting fallen leaves. Monty regards these as a free harvest and shows us different ways to make leaf mould. Leaf mould is different to compost. Compost is very ric...