Gardeners' World - Season 2

Gardeners' World - Season 2

28 Episodes

The most recognizable gardening brand in the world; for more than 40 years this BBC series has nurtured gardens and gardeners, revelling in the very best gardens around, offering hands-on tips, seasonal flowering guides and being the reference for plants from all climates and all corners of the globe.

This second season was shot in glorious HD, where hidden gems and green spaces, as well as beautiful public spaces and national garden treasures, are revealed. Beloved gardener Monty Don hosts from his garden in Longmeadow, and is joined once more by experts Carol Klein, Joe Swift, and Rachel De Thame.

Gardeners' World - Season 2
  • Gardeners' World | Hampshire

    Episode 1

    Gardeners' World returns for the start of the gardening year with Monty Don in the garden at his Herefordshire home, Longmeadow. As the charge towards spring gathers pace, Monty, along with Carol Klein, Joe Swift and Rachel de Thame, are preparing for the season ahead.

  • Gardeners' World | Gloucestershire

    Episode 2

    Monty Don opened the programme and paused to see Anemone blanda 'White Splendour' , Windflower growing in the coppice, and with the official start of spring and Mothering Sunday only days away, Monty and the team look at the practical ways to achieve a better looking garden at this busy time of y...

  • Gardeners' World | Chiswick House Gardens

    Episode 3

    As the clocks move forward, the longer days of spring are welcomed by every gardener. It's a busy time in the garden and the longer daylight hours present a great opportunity to get on with larger gardening projects.

  • Gardeners' World | Southern Ireland

    Episode 4

    With the garden growing apace, Monty shows us how we can take advantage of the new growth of all sorts of perennials, and begins by taking cuttings from emerging Delphiniums in his border and also from a pot grown plant.

  • Gardeners' World | Doddington Hall

    Episode 5

    It's Easter and the biggest gardening weekend of the year so even if you haven't yet dusted off your lawnmower there's plenty of advice and inspiration from large projects to tackling weeds.

  • Gardeners' World | Field of Dreams

    Episode 6

    Monty begins by explaining that he is now able to add Summer color to his beds in the Walled Garden by planting out perennials grown from seed - Aquilegia 'Lime Sorbet', Columbine; Verbascum bombyciferum 'Polarsommer' Mullein; Verbascum 'Spica'; Geum 'Mrs J. Bradshaw'; Papaver orientale, Orienta...

  • Gardeners' World | Exbury Gardens

    Episode 7

    At Longmeadow, Monty is in the Spring Garden which is full of weeds, so rather than take the weeds out, he plants woodland perennials amongst them.

  • Gardeners' World | South Yorkshire

    Episode 8

    Rachel de Thame joins Monty at Longmeadow to give a helping hand, and with plenty of advice and tips on how and what to plant in a pond.
    They plant marginal plants which are those that live in or on the water's edge, their roots either fully under the water level or partially submerged.
    Monty ...

  • Gardeners' World | Malvern Flower Show

    Episode 9

    This week Gardeners' World comes from the Malvern Spring show where Monty Don, Carol Klein and James Alexander Sinclair will bring us the very best that the show has to offer. From planting and design in the show gardens to new and exciting varieties in the floral marquee, they'll be searching ou...

  • Gardeners' World | Dewstow Gardens

    Episode 10

    Monty Don starts the program by turning his attention to the pond where he shares ideas on different types of water lilies and shows us how to plant Nymphaea

  • Gardeners' World | Feckenham

    Episode 11

    Monty plants up propagated plants in large terracotta pots in the Jewel Garden with Cannas, dahlias, chocolate cosmos and petunias.

  • Gardeners' World | Spirit of Chartwell

    Episode 12

    Monty opens the program with the menu sequence and highlights the beauty of Meconopsis × sheldonii, Himalayan blue poppy in the damp garden.
    In the Walled Garden, Monty lifts out the bulbs of spent Tulipa 'Nicholas Heyek' from their pots and replaces them with annual climbers, Ipomoea, Morning g...

  • Gardeners' World | East Lambrook Manor

    Episode 13

    June is the month for Roses and in the Walled garden Monty tells us to watch out for balling due to the exceptionally wet weather lately, and shows us a balled moss rose. Monty also dead-heads Rosa 'Cardinal de Richelieu'.
    In the Jewel Garden Monty stops to pause and updates on the terracotta p...

  • Gardeners' World | The Phoenix Garden

    Episode 14

    At Longmeadow, Monty Don reveals how the garden has changed over the last four weeks. There has been a lot of rain but the garden hasn't suffered that much. He takes a look at the dahlias. He admits that the grass borders are giving him a lot of pleasure at the moment.

  • Gardeners' World | RHS Harlow

    Episode 15

    In the Jewel Garden Monty feeds his containers and explains that if you want to encourage flowering you need a feed with a fertilizer that's high in potassium or potash, and if you want to produce more leaves, use one that's rich in nitrogen. Alternatively make your own, one made with comfrey is ...

  • Gardeners' World | Conwy

    Episode 16

    Longmeadow is in full bloom, but Monty Don is keen to remind us that there is still time to sow some late vegetables, even if you are really short of space.

  • Gardeners' World | Flamborough Cliffs

    Episode 17

    Our gardens offer so much at this time of year - after all our work earlier in the year it is now rewarding us with beds full of blooms, vegetables and berries. However, there is still plenty to be getting on with to ensure the beauty continues right through to the autumn and Monty Don has plenty...

  • Gardeners' World | Surrey

    Episode 18

    Monty opens the program with the menu sequence, and then records, for future reference, the relationship of colour and texture in the borders of the Jewel Garden. Monty points out the colors between Dahlia 'Arabian Night' and the Cosmos sulphureus, Bright Lights and refers to his favorite plant ...

  • Gardeners' World | West Cornwall

    Episode 19

    Previously Monty had said that the risk of blight was very minor in a greenhouse. But low and behold, blight has swept through his greenhouse. He first shows his potato blight, the fungus which can turn potatoes to mush and completely defoliate them, and it affects tomatoes because tomatoes are...

  • Gardeners' World | Hestercombe Gardens

    Episode 20

    For many gardeners, the beginning of September is the start of a new gardening season and, with this in mind, Monty recommends vegetables to sow now for winter cropping.

  • Gardeners' World | North Yorkshire

    Episode 21

    Monty is in the Dry Garden and is cutting away anything that doesn't look good now because as a rule - if it doesn't look good now, it's not going to get any better over the coming months. Monty talks through plants such as aquilegias, cardoon leaves that could come off, the mullein, umbellifers...

  • Gardeners' World | Lady Farm

    Episode 22

    In this special programme from the Royal Horticultural Society's gardens, Monty Don visits the RHS garden at Wisley in Surrey and Carol Klein visits Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire to get practical gardening advice from their experts and to find solutions to viewers' gardening dilemmas.

  • Gardeners' World | RHS Rosemoor

    Episode 23

    Last Saturday we had the equinox where just for one day you get exactly the same amount of night and day: twelve hours of dark, twelve hours of light. Monty feels it's like a seesaw, and now it just tips down towards mid winter. It's not great for some of us but, there are plants that don't se...

  • Gardeners' World | Bretherton

    Episode 24

    Monty plants Mediterranean herb cuttings that he took in the summer in the greenhouse to overwinter, the extra warmth will give him a small supply over winter and it'll keep them out of the wet.