Gardeners' World - Season 1

Gardeners' World - Season 1

20 Episodes

For over 40 years, this BBC series has nurtured gardens and gardeners, revelling in the very best gardens around, offering hands-on tips, seasonal flowering guides and being the reference for plants from all climates and all corners of the globe.

Now in glorious HD, hidden gems and green spaces, as well as beautiful public spaces and national garden treasures are revealed to viewers. Featuring guest experts and host Monty Don at his garden in Longmeadow, along with friends Carol Klein, Joe Swift, and Rachel De Thame.

Gardeners' World - Season 1
  • Gardeners' World | Herefordshire

    Episode 1

    Gardeners' World returns with Monty Don back at the helm but this time in the garden at his own Herefordshire home - a place that he's lovingly nurtured for the last twenty years. This week, with winter receding Monty, Carol Klein, Joe Swift and Rachel de Thame are preparing for Spring.

  • Gardeners' World | Glendurgan Garden

    Episode 2

    As this winter draws to a close, work in the garden starts to step up gear and with the flowers and fruits of summer in mind, Monty gets going in his garden by planting pots of summer bulbs for colour and scent, passing on his secrets of success by using a variety of different planting techniques...

  • Gardeners' World | Longmeadow

    Episode 3

    This is the third programme in the current series with Monty Don, Carol Klein and Joe Swift. British summer time means that, from Saturday, we all have an extra hour to get out in our gardens in the evenings, just as the early spring display is coming into its own.

  • Gardeners' World | Mount Edgcumbe

    Episode 4

    Monty Don opens at Longmeadow in the Spring Garden and show us spring flowers: Leucojum aestivum, Summer snowflake; Helleborus x hybridus, Lenten rose; and Fritillaria meleagris, Snake's head fritillary.
    As April gets under way, Monty begins the process of reinvigorating his Jewel Garden where, ...

  • Gardeners' World | The Gibberd Garden

    Episode 5

    Carol Klein visits a garden that embraces art, design and architecture. The Gibberd Garden in Harlow is considered one of the most important postwar gardens in the country, a space where sculpture and plants compliment each other perfectly. Carol delights in the diverse instalments and plentiful ...

  • Gardeners' World | The Garden House, Devon

    Episode 6

    As spring gets well underway, there are enough beautiful flowers popping up in the countryside to inspire any gardener. At Longmeadow, Monty Don adds to his collection of fritillaries in the wet meadow with pot-grown plants, as well as sowing some from seed. Monty plants Fritillaria meleagris, Sn...

  • Gardeners' World | Malvern Spring Gardening Show

    Episode 7

    Monty takes a look at the Floral Marquee whilst the exhibtors are still setting up before it's open to the public. He finds lupins and foxgloves flowering earlier than usual due to the unseasonably warm spring. He speaks to Dominic Kaye of Reginald Kaye Ltd finds that, contrary to popular opinio...

  • Gardeners' World | Wiltshire

    Episode 8

    As Roses herald the start of summer, the jewel garden starts to show signs of the abundance of colour that is to come.
    Monty starts the show by showing us the best ways to plant Tomatoes and how pairing them with Basil is a great idea for both plants.
    Carol Klein visits a private garden in Wil...

  • Gardeners' World | RHS Wisley

    Episode 9

    Monty Don is back in his garden, Longmeadow, Rachel de Thame is at RHS Wisley and Carol Klein visits a lady with bees. By the first week of June, plants are growing with such speed that some have a tendency to flop. Staking is the answer. He demonstrates how to make wire supports and also shows o...

  • Gardeners' World | Monet's Paradise

    Episode 10

    In the herb garden at Longmeadow Monty plants out culinary herbs including rosemary, four varieties of mint - spearmint; peppermint; applemint and moroccan mint, also dill and cherville, and in the richer soil of his vegetable garden Monty plants parsley and corriander.
    From her garden at Glebe ...

  • Gardeners' World | Hampshire

    Episode 11

    There are plenty of timely midsummer jobs to be getting on with this week and at Longmeadow, Monty revels in the sweet peas he grew from seed earlier in the year and shows how to keep their display going on into the weeks ahead. He also takes softwood cuttings from herbs, including lavender and ...

  • Gardeners' World | Abbotsbury Gardens

    Episode 12

    Monty Starts the show at a part of the garden that has been least 'gardened'. It's the wet meadow where his Writers' Shed is.
    He shows us how he is cutting back the long grasses ready to turn it into a Wet Wildflower Meadow.
    As the weather takes a turn for the worst Monty goes into the Potting ...

  • Gardeners' World | Pensthorpe Nature Reserve

    Episode 13

    We start the show at Longmeadow with bees in mind, Monty plans for spring by planting some early nectar sources for them using bulbs which flower early in the year, namely crocus and winter aconites. He also selects some asters which will not only give colour for autumn but will also help bees b...

  • Gardeners' World | Berkshire

    Episode 14

    Monty looks at his green manure that he sowed a month ago. It has come up well, although a little sparse. Monty is interested in the root growth which will be forming a good web underneath the soil, bulking it up and adding organic matter and also providing a cover above the ground to stop weeds ...

  • Gardeners' World | RHS

    Episode 15

    In a special programme which comes from all four of the Royal Horticultural Society gardens, the Gardeners' World team are out on the road exploring how each location's differing climate affects the plants they grow and getting plenty of gardening tips along the way.
    Carol Klein introduces the p...

  • Gardeners' World | Mount Stewart

    Episode 16

    Monty picks quinces from his garden. His reason for growing them is that they taste delicious and good for cooking. In his orchard, he picks apples and gives advice on how to successfully store them. He suggests to leave them in a dark and cool place and stacks them in rows on stacking shelves...

  • Gardeners' World | Thorp Perrow Arboretum

    Episode 17

    At Longmeadow Monty opens the programme admiring his still flowering Dahlias and, as October is the ideal time for planting shrubs, plants Magnolia stellata, Star magnolia in the Jewel Garden. Monty also observes that his Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum 'Mariesii', Japanese snowball is also still...

  • Gardeners' World | London, Camberwell

    Episode 18

    With autumn well under way, some plants in the garden need to be brought in under cover. Monty Don makes a start by insulating his greenhouse to provide a winter home for all sorts of tender plants and gives his tips and techniques for ensuring their survival until next year.
    About a year ago, N...

  • Gardeners' World | The Alnwick Garden

    Episode 19

    Monty Don gets going with some autumn garden maintenance whilst looking back over the year and reviewing his borders in the Jewel Garden, checking which plants have done well and which haven't, and clears annuals that are past their best. .
    Joe Swift visits The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland a...

  • Gardeners' World | Longmeadow

    Episode 20

    At Longmeadow Monty opens the programme admiring his still flowering Dahlias and, as October is the ideal time for planting shrubs, plants Magnolia stellata, Star magnolia in the Jewel Garden. Monty also observes that his Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum 'Mariesii', Japanese snowball is also still...