Backyard Parties for the Big Game

  • Garden Suitable for Entertaining in Leyton & Bath

    In Leyton Tariq and Sairah want to turn their dumping ground of a back yard into a sumptuous award winning garden suitable for entertaining friends and family. Both have competitive jobs in the banking sector and are used to winning at work but when it comes to gardening they don't know where to ...

  • Garden Rescue | Cambridgeshire

    This time Charlie and the Rich brothers are competing to design a party garden for a couple and their two teenage children in Cambridgeshire. With a high spec stylish home, the family now want a garden to match and have £2500 to spend. The designers find themselves with a challenge on their hands...

  • Garden Rescue | Northampton

    Charlie & the Rich Brothers are tasked with transforming a long, thin garden in Northampton. With a 40th birthday party only weeks away, and a young God daughter to consider, which designer will win the brief for an exciting, multi-functional space?

  • Garden Rescue | Wokingham

    Today CharlieDimmock and the Rich Brothers compete to design a £3000 Ibiza themed party garden for a family in Wokingham. Will the designers come up with some cool ideas to transformthis unloved plot into a laid back Balearic chill out lounge?

  • The Garden Pantry | Season 1 - Episode 5

    Kiri learns how to grow vegetables in sandy soil, make tomato relish, and finds out about a unique New Zealand organization set up to help struggling families grow their own vegetables.

  • The Garden Pantry | Season 1 - Episode 4

    Kiri visits a unique beachside country garden, learns how to preserve strawberry jam and a make an unusual salsa.

  • The Garden Pantry | Season 1 - Episode 10

    Kiri visits an elderly Maori couple who grow vegetables for their large extended family, and learns how to cook citrus delights from New Zealand Maori French-trained chef, then visits a community garden with a Phoenix-like beginning.